Vision & Mission

Our Vision

The way we manage energy and water will define this century. By applying knowledge and technology, together we can create a more resourceful world.

Our Mission

Kranti Group is a world-leading technology and services company dedicated to the resourceful use of energy and water.

Our Beliefs

At Kranti Group, we believe that our innovative solutions provide the critical knowledge to help build a sustainable future for us all. Shaping the way the world manages energy and water is the value that we provide to our shareholders, employees and the communities in which we work and live. Our shared values guide us, inspire us and drive us to succeed every day. As individuals we live them. As a company, we measure our success by them.

Build Customer Value

We listen to customers, understand their challenges and strategies, and ensure that Kranti Group is viewed as fundamental to their success.

Instill Excellence

We are unrelenting and uncompromising in our pursuit of quality and reliability in our products, systems and services.

Invest in Our Communities

We invest in products, programs and organizations that focus on sustainable resources and community development—to the benefit our customers, employees and the environment.

Embrace Diversity and Teamwork

We embrace employees from different geographies, cultures, backgrounds and with different points of view. We contribute as diverse individuals and win as a unified team by sharing knowledge and opinions.

Increase Shareholder Value

We strive to create and execute upon a strategy which results in above-average shareholder returns over the long term by understanding the industry we serve and by having frequent and transparent communication with all of our stakeholders.

Enable Sustainability

- We encourage and enable sustainability by designing solutions that empower our customers to responsibly manage and conserve the world’s energy and water resources.


Aman Engineering Works is India's Leading and Largest Water Meters Manufactures under their brand name “KRANTI”. We are serving for Nation Since 1980. Our production fexibility and resource capabilities allow us to makes accurate products in minimum industry lead time.

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