TEST BENCHES - 15mm To 50mm

  • Stainless Steel Frame: The frame of the test bench is made from very high grade stainless steel tube to provide strength and durability to the machine.
  • Hydro lever*: This hydro lever is a special purpose pressure lever for conducting pressure tightness test i.e. 1.6Mpa and 2Mpa
  • Hydro Gauges: To check the pressure of the pump.
  • Valves: On/Off Valves for conducting the test on the water meters.
  • Meter locking Cylinder: To lock the meter or meter tightness.
  • Temperature indicator: To check the temperature of the water .It should less than or equal to 45 Degree Celsius as per IS779.
  • Pressure Gauge: To check the pressure of line and the pressure for Hydro.
  • Water Stabilizer: Many health and safety problems that we face in our communities are directly attributable to an inadequate water supply. The term "inadequate" is used here to refer not to the quantity of water available, but to its Quality. The potable water supplied to us is basically electron deficient and not in optimum states of equilibrium. The water stabilizer is employed to fight with this problem.This water stabilizer is made from 2.5mm thickness sheet of stainless steel to provide strength and durability. The capacity of the water stabilizer is 1000 liters.

The Water Stabilizer offers three basic features:

  • Elimination of scale deposits. Removes existing and prevents future build-up.
  • Corrosion Control. Removes existing corrosion and prevents rust. Controls pitting due to entrained gases.
  • Eliminates most unpleasant odors.

Some benefits from the three features above are:

  • Prevention of scale and corrosion
  • Softens and removes existing scale deposits
  • Eliminates the need for treatment chemicals
  • Easy installation without the need for an energy source
  • An increase in water volume and protection of your plumbing from corrosion
  • The removal of calcium deposits
  • Personal Care
  • Most of the unpleasant odors disappear
  • Pressure gauge: To check and control the pressure in the stabilizer.
  • Panel Board: To operate the machine a panel board is provided with three switches i.e. Red, Green, Yellow.Initially while starting the machine Red light appears which means the machine is getting the supply and then it converts into Green light which means that the machine is ready to operate. If there is any kind of fault in the machine then yellow light appear i.e. overload, low voltage, reverse rotation of the pump or any kind of electrical deficiency leads to yellow light and then the necessary steps to be taken to rectify the problem.
  • On/Off Valves: This on/off valve is used to increase the pressure which is needed to test bigger sizes meter otherwise it should be in the on mode.
  • Measuring Vessel (0-20l): To check the quantity of water which had passed through the water meter i.e. 0-10-20l
  • Measuring Vessel (0-300l): To check the quantity of water which had passed through the water meter i.e. 0-100-300l.
  • Water Level Indicator for double vessel: To check the water level in both vessel.
  • Rotameters: Four rotameters are provided on the machine to Check the flow for measurement of the water passed through the water meters.
  • Flow Valves: To adjust the flow on the rotameters with the help of flow valve.
  • Open/close lever: To drain the water from the vessels i.e. one for measuring vessel 0-20l and other for measuring vessel 0-300l.
  • Water Tank: To store the water required for testing of water meters. The capacity of water tank is 700l.
  • Pump: Wilo make servo pump of capacity 5.5KW with a capacity to operate from 10l/h to 30000l/h.
  • Tool Box: Tool box to carry the accessories required for the test bench.
  • On/Off hydro lever: To set the pressure for pressure tightness test i.e 1.6Mpa and 2.0Mpa.
  • Stabilizer air valve**: To remove the air from the stabilizer. Please do operate it only after starting the pump.
  • Open/Close lever: This lever is used to open or close the meter by operating the cylinder.
  • Water Tank level Indicator: To check the water level in the main tank.
  • Water Hydro master cylinder*: This cylinder is used for building pressure required for pressure tightness test in combination with point 2.
  • On/Off Valve: To set the flow and then close this valve. After inspection of the water meter again open this valve to release the water without altering the flow valve.

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